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Dong Guan office
Unit B,3rd floor 5TH buiding,

Dongcheng Middle Road Dongcheng District,Dong Guan city,Guang Dong Province
P.R.C 523119

As introduced we are young and rapidly grow up company. We just may have the perfect job for you!
We understand the importance of employing people who seek out new challenge and opportunity for personal and professional growth.
We are welcoming skilled or have motivated professionals to join us, grow with us and make a difference. Let’s success together.Here have no diploma and major limited. Just need courage to challenge. If you want to be?a member of the team, please contact us.
Jobs: project coordinator Number: 2 Until: 201812
Treatment: 6000+ Workplace: Dongguan
Request: 1) have the working experience in anyone of following product lines: plastic, hardware, leather items;
2) have the ablity in new product develop and follow up ablity;
3) good at photo shop, Ai, coredraw software;
4) smart and flexiable, can work under pressure;
5) income will be connect with work performance;
6) Work place: Dongguan city.
Jobs: sales Number: 3 Until: 201812
Treatment: basic salary 4500RMB and commission Workplace: Dongguan city
Request: 1,good at english and spainish;
2,good at organize and communication ablity;
3, have the manufcture process knowledges;
4, smart and flexiable can work under pressure;
5, Work place: Dongguan city.
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